about-usDisplay Aluminium was established in 1998 and 15 years later we find ourselves at the forefront of the display stands and banner adversing industry. Our expertise and knowledge within the industry has given us insight into the capabilities our services are able to provide. We are able to offer our customers an expansive service that will only add to their business advancement and company profile.

We offer a comprehensive range of advertising display solutions, and our experience will assure the highest impact of advertising be initiated for your company. Display Aluminium has the means and know-how to create the ultimate advertising solution for you. This is done by custom designs to fit your businesses requirement,s and we are able to design ideal graphics and provide directional signage for your company.

What Display Aluminium offers your company:

  • Visually stimulating display stands or banners that will attract your clientèle and produce interest for your product or service.
  • This interest is sure to bring foot traffic to your stand and build customer awareness in an affordable and effective manner.
  • With our display stands, or customised display stands, we can recognise your target market and are able to maximise visibility of your product to your specific client base.
  • Deploying banners is also a highly effective communication tool.
  • Displaying banners in locations that will reach your client base, will ensure enormous visibility for your business.
  • One of our key business tools is the ability to create unique and personalised display stands for your company. These are created with your business aesthetic, or style in mind and are designed to effecitively attract your customers.

How we do it

  • We will assess your company profile and get an understanding of your company.
  • We are able to identify your target market and build an innovative marketing strategy around your client base, and potential client base.
  • We will initiate a strategy with your company and implement a solution to suit your needs.
  • Once we have put together a strategy and created the necessary solutions, we will execute the strategy successfully.

Mission and Vision

It is our mission to bring your vision to life. We are experts at creating the perfect balance between functionality and creativity. Our entire team is cohesively dedicated to providing you with a premier service that will bring your business the attention that it deserves. We strive to provide the most cutting edge products and services. Our experienced team is constantly growing, learning and evolving with the industry.

If you are looking for an innovative marketing solution, we have the means to provide you with just that. Let us bring your company to the masses and propel you forward in your industry.