23 October 2014
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23 October 2014,

It’s everywhere. You see it on the billboards and lampposts on the way to work in the morning, you see it in your favourite magazine, you’re also faced with it at night when watching television, and it even creeps up on your phone…

Advertising is a lucrative and very competitive industry. Everyone wants their product in the spotlight.

From print, to television and mobile phones- it’s always around and we’re always being told what to buy next. However, it seems advertisers have strayed from giving a message, and are now rather sending out flat calls to action.

The Theory of It All…
Rumour has it American advertising and sales pioneer, E. St. Elmo Lewis, is the man that coined the ‘AIDA’ acronym years ago in one of his publications.

A – Attention/ Attract
First things first, in order to entice someone, there has to be something that is visually attractive and pulls the viewer towards the ad. If it’s not attractive it will have no purpose- thus creating reaction is essential.

I – Interest
Once you’ve attracted your audience, they will start getting interested in what you’re offering. They will want to read more or ask questions- it’s like finding a good book, you read the synopsis on the back sleeve and decide to open it up and start reading the content.

D – Desire
Now, you’ve got them by the hook, they’re interested. What comes next is creating the desire for the product or service that you are advertising, make them want it. They should immediately want to go and find it, then buy it.

A – Action
They’ve accepted the desire to own your product, or use your service, now comes the part where they act on it and complete the process. They find what you advertised, buy it and use it.

Following those guidelines, and making use of effective display solutions- such as aluminium display stands, will ensure a fruitful response from your target market.