25 August 2014
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25 August 2014,

According to statistics there are well over three million people that visit malls during the month of December, every year, in South Africa.
This means that the opportunities for advertisers are endless when it comes to location specific banner ads.

Now, when you think of banner ads, you usually think of those annoying things that pop up when you visit your favourite website, or that disrupt you when you’re in the middle of watching a YouTube video. These are digital banner ads.

Physical banner ads include the life sized ads that are displayed at malls, for example, or it could include pop up banners at festivals, and concerts, or even at farmer’s markets.

They are extremely important- in the case of a mall, it allows the customer a peek at a product that they are specifically looking for, or it will convince the individual to concern that product over the one they were initially seeking, as it is already cognitive in their mind.

With banner ads you can basically go anywhere to advertise your product, especially with the range of aluminium display products that we have available.

• The ‘Rolla’ is a common favourite amongst advertisers, as it is easy to use and set up, easy to move around, and effective rolls out and displays your desired ad.
• Another very effective and commonly used display is the ‘Poppa’- a larger display that can be set up behind a promotions person, or a brochure stand, which then serves as the initial attention grabber as it is large and attracts those from afar.

What sets these banners apart?
• Banner ads are not only effective in-and outdoor, they are extremely cost effective.
• They offer the client a final choice, for example if the customer is faced with the decision between two products, and one of the products is displayed on a banner in store- he or she is probably more likely to gravitate towards the one that is displayed.

If you’re looking for an advertising platform that is both effective and practical in its purpose, then display aluminium has the perfect range of products for your needs- it’s the ultimate marketing tool.