17 June 2014

The Display Aluminium Advertising Banner

17 June 2014,

The Display Aluminium Advertising Banner If we would be lucky enough to be hosting the FIFA World Cup again this year, we are positive […]

23 May 2014

Exhibition stands

23 May 2014,

If you are in the market for the perfect exhibition stands, contact us at Display Aluminium, and we will equip you with the ideal […]

25 April 2014

Custom Exhibition Stands

25 April 2014,

If you are looking to grab attention and attract new customers, then custom display stands are the way to go. We at Display Aluminium […]

27 March 2014

Custom Display Stands from Display Aluminium

27 March 2014,

We all know how versatile aluminium is. It can be used to mould and craft products ranging from cooking pans to cars. It is […]

28 February 2014

The Many uses of Aluminium

28 February 2014,

Aluminium has an incredible range of applications today, from roofing to car parts. This metal is flexible as well as strong, and is highly […]