27 March 2014
Category: Indoor, Outdoor
27 March 2014,

We all know how versatile aluminium is. It can be used to mould and craft products ranging from cooking pans to cars. It is actually the second most used metal, beaten only by steel. Aluminium is both light and strong, so it is a favourite material among many people and businesses. Display stands crafted from aluminium are sturdy and last for years.

Attend any large event or function these days and you will be met with pull up banners and display stands. These are a great way to advertise your products as they are large and colourful. We can create a display stand for you with almost any design. Not only are they attention-grabbing, they are also incredibly easy to set up and take down- they simply roll up, fold up, and you can pack them away. Once flattened, your banner and its stand can be put into a bag and carried off. If your company will be attending an exhibition, and is looking for an easy form of advertising, you should consider either a Flexi Banner or a Rolla. Both of these exhibition stands can be custom designed, and are a pull up banners. A pull up banner is incredibly quick to set up, and this is great if you need to set your exhibition up quickly.

As far as advertising banners go, aluminium is the material of choice. Strong, sturdy, and light, it is fast becoming the first choice of the advertising world. Our aluminium and our printed materials are both of exceptional quality.