25 April 2014
Category: Indoor
25 April 2014,

If you are looking to grab attention and attract new customers, then custom display stands are the way to go. We at Display Aluminium Products can design and create gorgeous exhibition stands ranging from the Kubex System to corner frame units.

The Kubex System consists of an aluminium frame and a range of connectors. This means that stands of any size can be built. The Kubex System is fully customisable, including the graphic
wrap. We have the means to create a fully branded and fully enclosed booth and exhibition stand. This is great for exhibitions, as you will have a fully set up unit ready for trading.

Corner frame units are exceptionally versatile. They can be used to create almost any shaped stand, and can also be fully branded. Constructed from aluminium, they are quite sturdy, but still incredibly light. Lights can be installed in the units to perfectly showcase any products that you wish to display. As with the Kubex System, you can create a fully enclosed display stand for any shows or exhibitions you might be attending.

The size, weight, and collapsibility of your units are quite important, as they will be transported and set up many times in many different locations. This is why we use lightweight aluminium. It also provides the required strength to keep the units standing well. The inserts are composed of a strong, double-sided plastic which will normally be printed with custom graphics. A well put together and well-designed display stand will stay in the minds of your customers for ages.