17 December 2014
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17 December 2014,

Display stands are part of our everyday lives – we see them next to the road, at exhibitions, inside convenience stores, and scattered around our favourite mall. The point is, we are constantly surrounded by advertising.

There is one part of the year though that stands out amongst the rest, regarding advertising and the client-targeted point of sale.


Display stands advertising Christmas sales and specials start popping up well into June and from there on out there’s no turning back. Christmas time is officially approaching.
The biggest point of sale, or deal sealer is Santa – he is everywhere. He might pop out of the Lindt display, or be pictured on a specials stand. He could even be walking among us… right there in Spar.


In order to have a striking, yet subtle festive display it is extremely important that you play the idea of Santa down a bit, seeing as he has, by this point, been around since late June.

Santa can be pictured, but the product should take centre stage – the traditional Christmas colours (red, green, and white) already conjure up nostalgic memories within the customer.

Keep your stands colourful, playful, and realistic – don’t use a picture of Santa and the reindeer at a rugby game. If anything, use the ‘ho-ho-ho’ catchphrase. You want to include everyone, from the children to the grandparents.

You can never go wrong with a family approach – make use of the key words; ‘family’, ‘love’, ‘time of year’, ‘favourite recipes’, ‘gran’s cookies’, etc.

Master these subtle hints during Christmas and you’ll hit a nostalgic note with everyone – just remember the importance of the product.