19 January 2015
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19 January 2015,

Having an exhibition stand that has the ability to attract potential customers is essential for a business looking to promote their service and expand their brand.

Attract and Engage
As with all forms of advertising, the point is to attract someone to your stand. This is done by…

• Entertaining visitors, let them interact with the product/service, allow for them to try it for themselves and give them the opportunity to engage with others interested in the same product/service. When onlookers from the outside see the fun and joyful expressions they’ll come over and join in.

• Have a well designed stand. Spectacular design features can be more attractive than any gimmick, tester or lighting show. Many design
companies focus solely on conveying information. Bold colours and innovative lighting can help to draw people to you.

• The engaging process continues after you’ve captured the attention of the visitors.

What exactly do they want?

• Offer them something to drink/ eat – coffee is always a winner. Or on a hot day give them the option of a freshly squeezed fruit juice or cold water.

• Offer an experience- something that only happens once they approach and take part in the process. For example: involve them in the demonstration of the product.

The point is to offer something that is different, and that creates the mood of ‘I don’t want to miss out’.