23 May 2014
Category: Indoor
23 May 2014,

If you are in the market for the perfect exhibition stands, contact us at Display Aluminium, and we will equip you with the ideal solution. Our stands and cabinets are suited to all products.

We make exhibition stands and banners so that you can make just one call- to us- and you aluminium needs will be met for indoor or outdoor exhibitions. If you need to direct people to your stand, we have directional signs. If you need to mark your spot, we’ll make you pull up banners. If you need to hang posters and advertising material, we deliver you the best picture hanging system you will ever see.

Display Stands

We are the experts in branding as well. We’ll help you build your brand with prominent visibility and eye-catching awareness. We have our fingers on the pulse of modern trends even though we established ourselves in 1998 when we saw that it was necessary for the experts to arrive on the aluminium scene. We did just that and we’ve being going stronger and better since then.

We will design and develop according to your specific needs in a cost effective and very creative way. We ensure that no two customers of ours have exactly the same product. You’re all different and your stands and banners should be unique.

We are able to produce quantity and well as quality. Our staff is able to deliver full capacity with a swift turnaround because of their experience and commitment. Having been around for 15 years, we all work together seamlessly, effectively and fluently. Our personnel, highly trained and motivated, is able to provide volume with no compromise.

To make your exhibition life even easier, our exhibition stands and banners are all collapsible to ensure ease of packing and transport. Added to this, they are simply to erect and because of their durability, they will last you for many exhibiting years ahead.