25 September 2014
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25 September 2014,

Unlike print and television ads that weigh on the audience’s emotion, display stands have a direct impact on product sales and services.

Quite simply, once the potential customer sees the display there is already a trigger in their mind that starts the buying process. He or she will draw from the functionality of the display, and the wish to purchase the goods once the display has been fully taken in.

Research has shown that these display stands grab the audience’s attention, interests them, and creates a certain desire to act and make the purchase.

Now, you might be asking yourself, ‘what makes a good Display Stand?’
• Less is more!
You might be thinking that the busier the stand the better it will attract, that might be the case, but for the wrong reason. Keeping it simple and sleek will show whatever you’re advertising in a professional and attractive manner and people will respond to it in a positive way.

• Picture perfect.
People respond to the visual aspect first. Be sure to have an appealing visual on any stand so that you can interest the potential buyer. For example, when advertising real estate, use a picture of a beautiful house and very little text- the image speaks for itself.

• Get practical.
It might sound corny, but having someone at your stand showing people how to work a product, or perhaps dealing with any questions they might have about it is essential.

Going custom
This involves anything that will set your display stand apart from the rest. Think of adding a video showing a tutorial, or maybe have a mini workshop where you include the ‘audience’. It’s important to be different.

Display Aluminium has two great, brand new models in their range for the sole purpose of going custom. The ‘Corner Frame’ and ‘Kubex Systems’ create one of a kind stations for your advertising purposes. Where the corner frame presents a unique point of sale, the kubex system brings to life an interactive selling station.

Make no mistake, Display Aluminium always delivers when it comes to attractive, efficient advertising stands- don’t miss out.