28 February 2014,

Aluminium has an incredible range of applications today, from roofing to car parts. This metal is flexible as well as strong, and is highly resistant to erosion. It is commonly used these days in the manufacture of cans, foil trays, and even bubble gum wrapping.

We at Display Aluminium make use of this metal for numerous things, some of our most popular products being display stands, exhibition stands and pull up banners. Our products are of the highest quality and we maintain exceptional standards to ensure that you are fully satisfied with what we manufacture.

The Rolla – An advertising banner

This in an innovative system used to display pull up banners advertising your company. A banner extends from an aluminium base, which is supported by an extending aluminium arm. We guarantee the long life of your Rolla stand.

Sharkfin flags – Outdoor advertising

These flexible flags are made using aluminium and strong fabric which is stretched along the aluminium pole. The pole is inserted into the ground and the flexibility of the flag allows it to withstand strong winds and mild rain.

Bar tables – For events

We manufacture bar tables complete with advertising that can easily be set up at events and functions. The custom display stands are hardy enough to handle large events, and easily be disassembled when the function is over.

Custom build product stands – For the retail industry

We custom make display stands to your exact requirements that can be used for a number of retail applications- from paints to tools. Along with aluminium we make use of other materials which include wood and plastic.