28 May 2015
Category: Indoor
28 May 2015,

A point of sale display or POS display is a marketing tool specifically designed to draw the attention of a customer to a new or product on promotion. Generally such a display is placed next to or near a checkout counter and may be in the form of display packs, shelf edging, dummy packs, banners or posters.

Aluminium point of sale displays are of exceptional quality and are perfect for displaying merchandise. These display stands may be mounted on the floor or against a wall. Point of sale displays provide a unique way of promoting your company’s products as these displays may be manufactured to the customers unique specification and design parameters. Typically a manufacturer will provide the whole range of available services that is from design to manufacturing.

Some of the most popular point of display systems are:

  • Shelf Edge System – Available in various designs to suite most product display requirements.
  • Shelf Edge Ticket System – Mountable on most common shelf edges.
  • Bain Marie Stands – Manufactured from lightweight aluminium that will support most Bain Marie’s.
  • D-L Holder – Used to hold magazines and brochures of varying size. Usually placed on counter tops or near checkout points.
  • Ticket Frames – Plastic ticket frames range in size from A5 to A4 and in various colours.
  • Custom Build Stands – These stands are build to hold products and are designed to the customer specification. Stands vary in size and may include branding.