26 November 2014
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26 November 2014,

You see an advert, you decide to travel to the nearest store and browse until you find what you’re looking for. You find it, put it in your basket and the next step is what is known as the ‘POS’- point of sale.

The point of sale is the place where the retail transaction takes place- where the product is purchased and becomes your property.
With regards to the method of the payment for the transaction, there are options- it could be via a card, EFT, or with cash. A receipt is given to the customer to keep as proof that money was exchange for a product or service.

Within a retail setup the point of sale system typically includes a cash register- which comprises of a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display and a barcode scanner, with the most retail POS systems including a debit/credit card reader.

At Display Aluminium there are a few products that can be used to advertise and increase the sales of products within a retail store- as it is positioned near the point of sale. These include…

  • Shelf Edge System
  • Shelf Edge Ticket System
  • Bain Marie Stands
  • D-L Holder
  • Ticket Frames
  • Custom Built Stands

Do it now, create more opportunities for sales in your retailer and make use of these incredibly handy point of sale tools.